About Us

EST. in 2013, our story begins in Metro-Detroit, where 3 friends teamed up to make the coolest pack of papers in town. Using traditional packs was just not enough to roll that ultimate doobie. It had to look and feel as if you are holding a cigarette, so you could blaze on the down low. So we would make filters out of any paper we could find (usually a tore up business card) to insert in one end and anything skinny to pack it in with (usually a pen). Having these things on you at all times was not ideal, not easy to carry around and just plain annoying. This is where Rollos® was born... 

Rollos® papers is a brand born from passion, experience and art for the connoisseur smoker. A premium package for the premium smoker, everything you need included. A luxury handmade booklet with 32 Rice Paper Leaves, 32 Filter Strips, a Packing Stick and Scooping Sleeve inside every pack.


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